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BIT Sindri Association International, Inc is a nonprofit corporation in the State of Delaware in the US, FILE NUMBER 5696529 dated February 18, 2015. The US Internal Revenue Service (IRS) tax-exempt status is 501 (c) (3) public charity organization. Our Tax Identification Number (TIN) is 47-3546541. We are authorized to seek charitable contributions which are tax-deductible for US taxpayers.
Our legal address is: 8801 Horizon Blvd. NE, Suite 340, Albuquerque, NM 87109, USA. This is the office address of our attorney, Gary D. Eisenberg, Esq. Our Association will be fully compliant with the Federal and Delaware state reporting requirements.
For the State of Delaware we need to file Annual Franchise Tax Report online due in February with a fee of $25, and attaching the list of Directors in pdf containing position, address, phone, and email. For the Federal, we need to file Form 990-N postcard online due by May 15 as our annual business is under $50,000. These are to be filed by any officer.
The primary purpose of this umbrella organization is to seek uplifting of the Alma Mater with one united voice representing all stakeholders: students, faculty, and all alumni all over the world through alumni entities. The alumni entities may be formal or informal chapters or known by any other name.
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The Directors are:

Bal Trivedi, President, in Houston, second term started in 2019

Jainendra Varma, in Houston, joined 2019

Arun Tewary, in Dubai, term started 2019

Ghazanfar Khan, in Toronto, term started 2019

Prof Dr Sandeep Kumar, in Virginia Beach, term started in 2019

Rajat Verma, in Quaker town, PA, term started in 2019

Prof Dr Brahma Nand Mishra, in New Delhi, India, term started in 2019


Vacant positions: Director from Europe, Director from Australia


Past Directors:


Prof Dr Raj Dubey, in Waterloo, Canada, a founding Director, retired in 2019, serves as Direcctor Emeritus

Shashank Garuryar, a founding Director, from India, now an Advisor

Neil Pundit, a founding Director, retired in 2019

Chandrika Prasad, New Delhi, term ended in 2019

Prof Sr Ramjee Prasad, in Denmark, resigned in 2019

Prof Dr Sudhanshu S. Jamuyar, discontinued in 2019, wife under treatment in Delhi 

Neil D Pundit, in the US, President, founding Director - President Emeritus since Jan 5, 2020

Rajendra N Dubey, in Canada, as Secretary, founding Director  - Founding Director Emeritus

Chandrika Prasad, in India, Vice President, added in 2016 - term ended in 2019.

Bal Trivedi, Esq, as the Legal Counsel and Treasurer in Houston, USA. Term started 2016. Elected President in 2020.

Ramjee Prasad, in Denmark, Director at large. Term started 2017. Resigned in 2019.

Arun Tewary, Director, in Dubai, UAI. Term started 2019.

Prof Dr Sandeep Kumar, in Virginia Beach, USA. Term started 2019.

BITSA International has a nonprofit checking account with the JPMorgan Chase Bank in Weston Towncenter, FL.
send to: Neil Pundit, 20933 NW 1dt DR, Pembroke Pines, FL 33029, USA.
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Q. Why should the overseas alumni unite, form an organization (called Chapter), and join the worldwide alumni movement for uplifting BIT Sindri?


Answer. Beyond the appeal of motherhood and nostalgia, one or more of the following:


Distant Voice Matters More: Although the vast majority of alumni are in India, their concerns have been ignored. It is the North American Chapter that took the bull by the horns, and demanded uplifting. Much headway has been made: Master plan of Rs 150+ crores for campus wide renovation of the buildings, new construction, faculty appointments, advertising for Director, .. are all happening. Siemens proposal to update the Labs at the cost of Rs 400 crores has been approved in which the Jharkhand Govt pays 20%. However, the enabling IAS officers can be transferred, and the prevailing environment may change. It is the overseas alumni whose united voice matters the most. 

Finding Alumni Leaders Abroad: The State Govt leaders often travel to foreign countries and want to meet the local alumni. Recently we have provided such lists for US, Canada, Japan, Singapore, and Korea. Where there is a large number we are asked for those who are Distinguished. We need your help.

Networking: Alumni network can be a rich resource in seeking jobs, relocation, and travel. Young alumni traveling abroad for higher education, attending a conference in a foreign country, settling in a new location, and similar causes are helped a great deal by a local resource.

Awards & Recognition: Many established Chapters have a process and criteria for Distinguished Awards. Recently a new category of Promising Star is being added. The Association International is working toward such awards and recognition available to all alumni worldwide on a uniform basis.

Good Deeds: One of our rich alumni has an outstanding offer for Public Toilets in which his Foundation pays 50% of the construction cost and 2 years of maintenance. Over 50 toilets have been built in rural areas, and the next phase of additional 60 toilets is underway.

Alumni Children Scholarship: A proposal is under consideration in North America whereby children of alumni can compete for higher education fund.

Novel Uses: A web-savvy alum has a Google Map enabled utility telling you the location and navigation to alumni en route. We or our children may surprise us by unimagined innovations.



- Neil Pundit,