BITSAI Think Tank Updated

  • Posted on: 3 November 2017
  • By: drpundit

by Neil Pundit, pundit@ieee.orgto be posted on www.BITSindriINTERNATIONAL.orgA more readable version is the pdf file following this. The concept of THINK TANK is enunciated in the appended Reference. In practice, we recognize that esoteric generation of new ideas is futile without implementation. Thus we embrace 'implementers' integrally with 'thinkers'. We have leaned on most of them heavily in forging our way through with the Government of Jharkhand in uplifting BIT Sindri. Renovation, new construction, faculty appointments, and such have been made possible by leveraging their collaboration. Morale is now high at BIT Sindri, and an IIT-like status is graspable. Listed are the people approved by the BOD, and invited. Most have formally accepted. Director Prof DK Singh will be available as the ex-officio member of THINK TANK. Teleconference can be arranged, contact Neil Pundit. 1. Prof Dr Brahma Nand Mishra (1962 TC), recently retired as Chairman of the Board of the Netaji Subhas Int of Technology, Delhi University. BN was my class friend at Sindri, and we have been in contact. Well versed in academic matters in India, he has been my partner and guide  in my dealings with the Govt of Jharkhand. He joined me (Raj Dubey, ..) in meeting with the Chief Minister Raghubar Das, and getting uplifting BIT as a top commitment. As an expert in Autonomy he authored a 40 page document to make BIT Sindri University, currently pending until staffing level can exceed 50%. He has the practical experience of successfully fighting for and implementing Autonomy. 2. Prof Dr Arunaditya Sahay (1962 ME), in Delhi. He is Dean and Director of Birla Management School in Delhi. He has been an industrialist, and Chairman of the Board of a Scooter company in India.He serves on the Board of Governors of IIT Kanpur, and many NITs. He hosted a technical delegation from University of Manitoba (British Columbia, Canada) at Sindri, arranged by Bidhu Shekhar Jha (1962 ME) then an MLA in Canada. Then the inept administration at Sindri and the Govt of Jharkhand failed to avail of a generous Technical Exchange program. Arun is profoundly resourceful, and razor-sharp in dissecting questionable ideas.  3. Dr Lakshman P Sinha (1960 EE), in NJ area of US: Lakshman Bhai was a year senior to me at Sindri, and was a Teaching Asst. He is a Distinguished Alum of North America. He was mentor to Dr Krishna Pal Singh (our only Distinguished Alum International) at UPenn during their PhD Studies. Lakshman Bhai retired from Bell Labs and AT&T. He is active in alumni affairs, and I would describe him as an out of the box  thinker. He has been a consultant and advisor on the Public Toilets projects in India. He is the one who (rhetorically) proposed that I should try making BIT an IIT. 4. Shree N Sharma (1963 CHE), in Salt Lake City, UT area of US. I have known him closely since last 6 years in connection with the alumni matters. He is a Distinguished Alum of North America. Apart from his two MBA degrees, he  is an entrepreneur, a successful businessman of over 50 companies founded by him. He is a billionaire, and philanthropist. Shree and I have collaborated on our charity efforts of Public Toilets in rural India. 5. Dr Satyanarayana Rao Ponamgi (1961 TC), in a neighboring city in Miami area. He is a Distinguished Alum of North America. At Sindri we knew him as PS Rao, and we call him Rao. He was my classmate and roommate at  Sindri, and we have been in close contact since. He was a colleague of mine at Jet Propulsion Lab of Caltech ( a NASA Center) and in India at MIT Muzaffarpur. He has been active in the alumni affairs since the 1970s.Rao is a researcher at heart, and still keeps current on recent advances in Physics and Engineering. 6. Rajendra K Choudhary (1976 Prod), President of Ranchi Chapter, in Ranchi. Rajendra is very resourceful and results-oriented. He is very active in civic and charitable organizations. Best of all he has direct access to most Ministers, Chief Minister, and senior IAS officers in Ranchi. He has been instrumental in many charitable efforts such as the Laptops for students. Rajendra is single-handedly responsible for Sindri visits by the action figures in Ranchi: first the IAS officer Ajay K Singh in August of 2016, and more recently by Chief Minister Raghubar Das last month (Sept 2017).  7.  Prof Dr Vishwanath Sinha (1963 EC)  started his Professional Career at IIT Kanpur. Then he established the first public-private-partnership University, the LNM IIT Jaipur, a collaborative venture of the Government of Rajasthan and the Foundation of the Steel Baron Mr. L. N. Mittal and subsequently superannuated from there as the Distinguished Professor and Adviser. He, then, was invited to be an Emeritus Professor at MNIT Jaipur where his role was to mentor departments of Electronics & Communication as well as Computer Science & Engineering. At present he holds the Academic Chair of Electronics & ICT Academy established at MNIT by DEITY, Ministry of Communications & IT for imparting training to faculty of Engg./Science/Comm./Arts and industry persons in the emerging areas of electronics and ICT.8.  Prof Dr Ramjee Prasad (1968 EC) is currently the Director of the Center for TeleInfrastruktur (CTIF) at Aalborg University, Denmark and Professor, Wireless Information Multimedia Communication Chair. Dr. Prasad is a globally recognized leader in wireless communication. He has contributed towards the development of cellular/wireless protocols through university/ Industry collaboration and has paved the way for its global adoption. His influence expands beyond the EU and respected across the world in wireless community. He is a Honorary Distinguished Alum of BITSAA of North America. Added in 20199. Ramesh Yadava, ex_president of BITSAA North America10. Bidhu Shekhar Jha, ex_MLA Canada, now in Toronto.11. Prof Dr Sushanshu S. Jamuar, 1967 TC - familiar with the processes 12. Prabhat K Sinha, 1963 CHE, the catalyst for upgrade of BIT to NITREFERENCE: THINK TANK initial document                                                       by Chandrika PrasadAugust 08, 2017revised by Neil Pundit. Approved by BOD August 21, 2017. Objective: "question the unquestionable, think the unthinkable and blaze the untrodden new trails" for the purposes of :1.   Pursuit of Excellence at the Alma Mater BIT Sindri,2.   Betterment of Alumni Bond internationally for professional, social, and cultural networking, and3.   Undertaking targeted Initiatives internationally.  Process & Criteria: By Invitation Only from among distinguishable alums for a term of 3 years. Think Tank members are appointed by the BOD of BITSA International, and they may be excused before their term or serve beyond their term at the discretion of the BOD. Their profile will be posted on the website. Their internal deliberations will be mostly by email, telephone and groupware.  Think Tank is expected to shape and guide the international future, and may be tasked to address a challenge at times.  Honor & Privilege:1.    Being Invited to Think Tank is a rare honor. Best Idea originator will be invited to present at the BITSA Annual International Meet.2.    Think Tank will have website access for exposing and testing out their ideas internationally before formally presenting to the BOD.