Neil Pundit, President and Treasurer, in USA

Chandrika Prasad, VP, in India

Raj N Dubey, Secretary, in Canada

Bal Trivedi, Esq, Legal Counsel, in USA

Ramjee Prasad, Member, in Denmark



Krishna Pal Singh, 1967 ME, in USA

2017 - in order of graduation year seniority

Yogi Chadda, 1957 ME, in USA

Uday K Sinha, 1960 MET, in USA

Raj N Dubey, 1961 CE, in Canada

Neil Dwivedi Pundit, 1961 TC, in USA

Chandrika Prasad, 1963 EC, in India

Bal Trivedi, 1965 ME, in USA

Anil K Jha, 1972 ME, in India 






Prof Dr D K Singh, Director, Faculty Representative
Prof Dr Girijesh Kumar, Director-designated & Alumni Interaction Officer
Hari Agrawal, Acting Representative, Patron of Delhi NCR Chapter
Rajendra K Choudhary, President, Ranchi Chapter
Naresh Sahu, US Representative of BITSAA of NA
Shree Prakash, Canada Representative of BITSAA of NA
Kaushal K Singh, Representative, President of Dhanbad Chapter

Sri Ram Roy, Representative, Mumbai Chapter, with Reliance Industries in Mumbai

As of July 2016, Shashank Garuryar, President of Sindri Chapte, has provided a number of names from the following chapters in India: 

Asansol, Baroda, Bengaluru, Bhilai, Bhubaneshwar, Chandigarh, Chennai, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Mumbai, Paradip, Patna, Pune, Rourkela, 

and Siliguri. However, our preference is for an active alum on LinkedIn, where the individual is responsible for keeping his/her contact

information current.

We are actively encouraging formation of Chapters in unrepresented Continents. These are Asia (Singapore base), MiddleEast (Dubai based), 

Europe (London based), and Australia & New Zealand ( Sydney/Melbourne based). A critical number of alumni in each continent have been contacted.

I, Neil Pundit, have offered to visit these bases in Nov-Dec of 2016 on my way to and return from India. A large INTERNATIONAL MEET is being planned

in Delhi in November of 2016.