Distinguished Alum International List Updated on 29 January 2020

  • Posted on: 21 January 2020
  • By: drpundit

Distinguished Alum International List, updated 29 January 2020. TOTAL 70.

Listed in the order of the graduation year, senior-most first.

Graduates of 1950s - SEVEN

    B P Sinha, 1953 ME, in Patna, India. The first batch. Wife: Saroj Lata. A spiritual teacher now,

     "Humans of this world have become the slaves of wishes, i.e.,  not of the need but of the want, and

       living unsatisfied life all the 24 hours. "

     Prof Dr M K Jain, BIT faculty. Emeritus Professor, celebrated Math Teacher and

      Association supporter.

     Dr Yogendra Chadda, 1957 ME, in Delaware, USA. Wife: Dalbir. Fulbright Scholar, President of

      North America Chapter, 3 times.

      Prof Dr Jagannath Giri (1957 ME). Researcher in aerospace engineering, author of

      autobiography depicting struggles of an immigrant.

    Prof Dr Virendra Pratap Sinha, 1959 EE, in Pune, India. Wife: Meera. Retired from IIT Kanpur,

     then taught at other IITs. His two daughters are in the US.  He attended Alumni MEETs in NJ

     area a few times.

    Prof Bijoy G Chatterjee, 1959 EE, in San Francisco Bay Area, CA, USA. Wife: Joya. Pioneer in

     development of computing machines and algorithms. Life Fellow, IIT Kharagpur. Founder

     of Computer Society of India. Active in SF Bay area MEETs.

    Prof Dr Onkar P Sharma, 1959 EE, in NY/NJ area, US. Wife: Urmila. Faculty at BITS, came to

     US on Govt Scholarship for PhD, faculty art Marist College in upstate NY, retired as

     Director/Dean, recruited students from India and other countries for graduate studies.

     Became very active in alumni matters, served on the Advisory Board. Also active in

     formulating policy for building Public Toilets in Rural India on matching funds from

     KPS Foundation. 

Graduates of 1960s -FORTYTWO

    Dr Uday K Sinha, 1960 MET, in Plantation, FL, USA. Wife: Geeta. Co-founder of the North

     America Chapter. Originator of the Scholarships program at BITS. Pioneer in super-conducting

     material. A supremely devoted alum, and a benefactor extreme.

     Dr Lakshman P Sinha, 1960 EE, in New Brunswick, NJ, USA. Wife: Kiran. PhD from UPenn,

      mentor to Krishna Pal Singh. Researcher and Manger with Bell Labs. A truly devoted alum

      with original thinking. He is credited with being the first to propose BITS becoming an IIT

      or NIT in 2012 when Neil Pundit was spearheading uplifting BITS. Serves on THINK TANK.

     Mohammed B Zaman, 1960 ME, in Houston, TX, USA. Wife: Shahnaz. Class Topper at BITS.

     Worldwide consultant in Petro-Chemical. Served as a Regional VP, and started the first

     chapter in Houston. Accompanied Neil to hold the first Alum MEET in Dallas.

    Prem Gupta (1960 ME), in Pleasanton, CA, USA. University Gold Medalist 1960 ME. BITS Faculty.

     Tool design Specialist in India and abroad. Active core member, US west coast alumni.

    Dr Chandrika Prasad, 1960 ME, Primary Examiner and Evaluator of Patents in the US, and

     recipients of many awards.

    Dr Neil D Pundit, 1961 TC, in Pembroke Pines, Florida, USA. Was Narendra Prasad Dwivedi

     in Sindri days. Pioneer in guidance and control of space vehicles, AI, and R&D Supercomputing. 

     Recipient of the NASA 1st Moon and 1st Mars Landing Awards; youngest recipient of Theodore

     von Karman Award. Started afresh the move to uplift BITS in 2009, rejuvenated the North

     America Chapter, served as President. Co-founded BITSA International in 2015, retired in 2020. 

     President Emeriti of the North America Chapter and the International.

    Prof Dr Raj Dubey, 1961 CE, in Waterloo, Canada. Wife Shanta. Taught at RIT Jamshedpur,

     did PhD at U of Waterloo in less than 2 years in Mechanical Engineering, specializing in

     Structures. Prolific researcher. Founding Director Emeritus, International. Now yoga teacher

     and expert in Mindful Meditation.

    Dr Satyanarayana Rao Ponamgi, 1961 TC, in Pembroke Pines, FL, USA. Wife: Kanti.

     PhD from SUNY, Stoneybrook, specializing in electromagnetics. Served at JPL/Caltech

     on radiation-proofing the space vehicles, then Bell Labs/Lucent. A devoted alum. Rao

     serves on the Board of Virtuosity International, a 501 c3 organization., and on THINK TANK.

     Shree Vijay K Kapoor, 1961 TC, in Los Altos Hills, CA, USA. Wife: Pamela. After technical mgmt

       in IBM and HP, became an early devotee of of Late Swami Dayananda Saraswati. Founded a

       Vedanta School in the Silicon Valley, where he teaches Sanskrit and Vedanta along with

        other Swamis. His palacial home is a hilltop farmland where he grows exotic fruits.

     Kamal Nath Jha, 1961 EE, in Gteater Los Angeles Area. For being a distinghished teacher,

       patents holder. Developed an arc fault detection system and a high DC circuit interrupter,

       and recipient of of Westinghouse Innovation award. Highly active in LA area alumni meets.

     Dr Shrawan K Singh, 1961 ME, in Rochester, NY, and Naples, FL, USA. Wife: Sudha. PhD from

       U of Colorado, Boulder, where he is a significant donor. Retired as the Corp VP in Xerox. He is

       a devoted alum.

   Satya Swaroop Taneja, 1962 CE, in Surrey (near Vancouver), British Columbia, Canada.

      Wife: Kanta. Founder of the famous Nanak Foods. A pioneer in Quality Control in food

      processing. A philanthropist. Donates Sweets and/or snacks to ALL alumni MEETS in US,

      Canada, Dubai, and elsewhere. A significant donor to Alumni causes.

    Bidhu Shekhar Jha, 1962 ME, exMLA in Winnipeg. Now in Toronto, Canada. Wife: Rajeshwari.

      The first Bihar* born MLA in Canada, Thrice elected.  His glories include: film-producer,

       poet-writer, entrpreneur/pioneer. After his recent move to Toronto, he is exercising

       entrepreneurship and new industry starts. Serves on THINK TANK.

    Ranjit Sinha, 1962 CHE, in Kendall Park, NJ, USA. Wife: Meena MD. Served as President of

      the North America Chapter. An active and devoted alum. Has donated substantially to

      environmental engineering causes. Expert in Bylaws.

    Prof Dr Brahma Nand Mishra, 1962 TC, in New Delhi, India. A super academic/researcher/

       professor/administrator. Retired as Chairman of the Board of Netaji Subhas Institute of

       Technology in Delhi. Helped Neil Pundit in pushing for uplifting BITS in meetings with

       the CM and other officers in Jharkhand. Serving on the International Board, and Chair of

       THINK TANK.

    Prof Dr Arunaditya Sahay, 1962 ME, in New Delhi, India. Wife: Geeta. A supreme corporate

       super-achiever producing auto schooters in India, then a supreme academician, professor

       in the Birla Mgmt School in Delhi. Arun ( as we call him) has guided and supported Neil

       Pundit in all our moves to uplift BITS. He serves on the Board of Governors of IIT Kanpur

       and many NITs. He serves on the THINK TANK.

    Prof Dr Prahlad D Pant, 1962 CE, in Atlanta, GA, and Clearwater, FL, USA. Wife: Bindu. 

      Dr Prahlad Pant is Professor Emeritus of the University of Cincinnati, USA. His entrepreneurial

      spirit continues in his startup company’s innovative products and services.

    Chandrika Prasad, 1963 TC, in Delhi, India. Wife: Nayantara. Retired from Railway Board,

       still consults in Railway Signaling in Asia and MidEast. Served a term of 3 years as VP of the

       BITSA International. He Program-chaired our first 3 International MEETS. He is active in

       consulting, and proposing research projects to uplift BITS.

    Shree N Sharma, 1963 CHE, in Salt Lake City, USA, and Hajipur, India. Wife: Vijaya Lakshmi.

       A super donor and philanthropist in US and India. A super entrepreneur. Has some 50 

       companies in India, and US. A great supporter of the uplifting BITS movement.


    Prabhat K Sinha, 1963 CHE, in Virginia Beach, USA. Wife: Achla Kumar. Ex-faculty at BITS.

       World-specialist, published authority in water treatment and management. A key player in

       uplifting BITS. In particular, leader of our initiative to move BITS to be under the Federal

       Govt as NIT or as an Inst of National Importance. He is also the Program Manager of all (>20)

       research projects at BITS funded by the World Bank. Serves on the THINK TANK.

    Hari P Agrawal, 1963 CHE, in Delhi, India. Hari's contributions to alumni causes are substantial

     and numerous:Patron of Delhi NCR, active participation in International MEETs, author/cmpiler

     and publishing of Bhojpuri folk songs in a book.

    Prof Dr Vishwanath Sinha, 1963 TC, in Delhi area, India. Reired Director of IITs.

      Key leader of our THINK TANK.

    Bodh Kunwar, 1963 EE, for his entrepreneurship, sevice in the Indian Army,

     his charitable efforts, and service to the alumni association.

    Dr Anil K Singh, 1964 MET, in Pasadena, CA, USA. Wife: Radha. World Specialist in

      management of corrosion in petroleum equipments and piping. Has been a key player in all

      our efforts in uplifting. Has visited Ranchi and Sindri many times. Currently serving as the

      President of the North America Chapter. He is the god-father/leaderof the greater LA area.

    Braj K Singh, 1964 ME, in Potomac (a Washington DC suburb), US. Wife: Indira. His 

      contributions include:patents and technical papers, co-author of Engineering

      Thermodynamics, safety and health issues in US Depts of Energy and the NRC,

      hosting DC area alumni MEETS at his palacial home (catered at his expense), and

      scholarship donations on merit cum means.

    Prof Dr Basant K. Jayaswal (1964 CHE) for being a long-time Head of the Chemical

     Engineering at BIT, technical publications, and design and development of a bio-fertilizer

     pilot plant at Sindri Campus.

    Prof Dr Manindra N Thakur, 1964 MET, in Patna, India. Wife: Veena. Has varied

       professional life in industry and academia worldwide. Has attended many International


    Dr. Jay P.  Narain (1964 ME) for his contributions to aerospace engineering, being a

     painter and poet (of over 200 poems on love, nature and spiritual topics), and for

     service to charities.

    Prof Dr Ramesh Chandra (1964 MET) for obtaining 2 PhD degrees, being recipient

      of 2014 Professor of the Year in Finance award at the University of Windsor, Canada, 

      and for his service to the Association.

     Prof Dr. Indu S. Das (1964 ME) for being faculty at BIT Mesra and Pennsylvania State

      University, and for his academic research and technical publications.

     Prof Dr Krishna P Sinha (1964 CE) for being a faculty at Bihar College of Engineering and

      University of Minnesota, and founding a successful company in UT in geothermal, mining and

      municipal solid-waste landfills management.

    Bal Trivedi, Esq., 1965 ME, in Houston, USA. Wife: Ila. President of the International

       organization. Researcher in management of electro-mechanical energy systems in

       worldwide energy areas. The biggest early donor to the BITS scholarship programs. 

       Now a practicing attorney specializing in real estate, immigration, estate planning, etc. 

       Bal has been an extraordinary donor and a close friend in all our uplifting efforts.

       He has contributed much in my public toilet building efforts in Rural India. He serves as

       a Director in charitable effort under Virtuosity International, Inc., a nonprofit 501 c3 

       public charity.

     Dr Mahesh C Jha, 1965 MET, for technical contributions including 60 publications

        and 11 patents while with private companies and DOE, and for community service.

     Prof Dr Priya Ranjan Prasad, 1965 MET, in Bangaluru, India. Retired as Hd of the Dept

       of Metallurgy, BITS. He pioneered an unofficial website for worldwide alumni, listing

       alumni by branches and year of graduation. I (Neil Pundit) learned a lot about the alumni

       and the BITS from his efforts and publication. He arranged a big alumni MEET in Patna

       when Dr DK Singh then at NIT Patna was the President of the Patna chapter.

       His daughter, Dr Uttara Sahaym, 1996 MET, is a professor at the Washingtonn State

       University. She served on the North America Advisory Board.

    Dr Hari Budhia, 1965 CHE, in Ranchi, India. PhD from UColorado, a very successful

       industralist in Ranchi. He serves on the charitable organization supporting BITS

       students with laptops.

    Nilendu Srivastava, 1966 ME, in Hollis, NH, and Boone, NC, (The Art of Living Retreat

       Center), USA. Wife: Renu. He is the Executive Director of the NC Retreat Center at the

       express request of Swami Sri Sri Ravi Shankar.

    Dr Krishna Pal Singh, 1967 ME, in NJ and FL, USA - the first DAI. Wife: Martha. Kris

      was dragged into alumni matters when he succumbed to my insistence, and attended

      his very first alumni MEET in NJ in 2013. He is a multi-billionnaire, super entrepreneur,

      and founder of Holtec International, an energy company. Holtec has pioneering products

      and services in containment of nuclear wastes around the world. His worldwide operations

      now include India. His upcoming product is an ultrasafe medium sized nuclear reactor -

      to be produced in India for worldwide distribution. He is a great philanthropist, and initiated 

      matching funding for Public Toilets in India. With the insistence of many of us alumni, he did

      make a visit to Sindri in 2018. he has been influencial in our uplifting movement. He is a

      member of the US National Academy of Engineering. 

      Prof Ravi Sahay, 1967 EE, Educator, Consultant, innovator (holder of many patents), and

       author/speaker on healthcare.

    Sudhin Mishra, 1967 EC, for being entrepreneur, founder and cEO of Logic++ Inc., and

     CoParallels Inc., and for developing Real-Time embedded systems for office automation

     and precision Farming.

    Prof Dr Sir Ramjee Prasad, 1967 TC, Aarhus Univ, Denmark, Wife: Jyoti. Ramjee is a

      world-expert in telecom leading the 5G and beyond movement. We are blessed to find

      him. He served on the International Board, and chaired the 2019 International MEET at

      his Aarhus University in Denmark. He signed an Exchange Program with BIT Sindri.

      He is promising assistantship to one student each year, and is working on getting

      the Exchange program moving forward. He has included Sindri in his Global Capsule 

      worldwide movevent, and he has obtained multiple sponsorships, including that of

     IEEE, for the first ever International conference at BIT Sindri (and IIT Dhanbad) in

     Feb 2020. Mermber, THINK TANK.

    Prof Dr Sudhanshu S. Jamuyar, 1967 TC, in Delhi, India. Wife: Rita. A great researcher and

       academician, served on many IITs.

    Syed Javed Shere, 1968 ME, in Houston, USA. Worldwide consulting and project leadership.

Graduates of 1970s - ELEVEN

    Jainendra K Varma, 1970 ME, in Houston, TX, USA. Wife: Anjali. Returning to Houston

       after a few years in Mumbai, India (as Executinve VP of Reliance and other assignments).

       Jan is a superb Project Leader and Program Manager. He and Rajat Verma visited Sindri,

       worked with the Dir Dr DK Singh, and started 4 new scholarships. He is leading our

       first-ever Strategic Plan, looking beyond the recognition of BITS as a national 

       institution. His foresight and leadership in projecting into the future are superb. He

       serves on the Boards of the NA Chapter and the International.

    Rajat K Verma, 1970 MET, in Quakertown, PA, USA. Wife: Ambalika, daughter of 1953

      first batch alum BP Sinha. Rajat is a successful entrepreneur, founded Vertech, and he

      is now entering a devoted life of charity. He has been an active leader in the North

      American Chapter. He has now come back to a more dedicated charitable leadership.

      His wife, Ambalika, has hosted her dad many times to the US, and enabled him to

      attend many alumni meets. We expect great success in the International as we face

      newer challenges. He serves on the International Board.

    Ramesh Yadava, 1971 EE, in Fremont, CA, USA. Wife: Radha. Ramesh, a godfather of the

      San Francisco Bay area alumni, was persuaed by me (Neil Pundit) to join a leadership role

      in our North America Association after much effort and finally persuading his wife Radha.

      He succeeded me as President, and served 3 years. He is a great persuader with his charm,

      counts on unanimity as his special brand of leadership. Under his leadership some

      spectacular initiatives were successfully launched: Scholarship to children of alumni in

      Norh America, and Newsletter - much enjoyed by the alumni.

    Dr Arun K Jha, 1971 ME, in India. Director of NTPC, Govt of India.

    Pravin Gohil, 1973 CHE, in Houston, USA. A world class Project and Program Leader. Active

      in alumni matters.

     Dr Asim Das, 1973 CHE, in Melbourne, Australia. Active as a Leader in the AUSNZ alumni

       community. We count on him and the organizer in Sydney (Shailendra Tripathi in Sydney) of

       the 2020 International MEET there.

    Er Arun Tewary, 1974 ME, in Dubai, UAE. Wife: Premshila. Organized very successfully the

      Dubai International MEET. Arun has been with the Emirates Airlines as the IT VP where the

      logistics of the food services is a monumental task. Leader in IT in Food Services for 14 years

      is a tremendous responsibility. Arun is enticing us with his IT exterise in minutes wiriting.

      Lately, he has been too busy but we hope to get his attention soon. Arun serves on the

      International Board.

    Rajendra K Choudhary, 1976 Prod, in Ranchi, India. Rajendra is a celebrated

    Jharkhand Ratna, a social activist and a philanthropist. His charitable activities are

     numerous and include the laptop giving to students under the Anant Prayas charity

     started by Aaloka Anant, 2004 EC,  (the first Rising Star International). He is an active

     participant in our International MEETs, and he excels in reviving alumni chapters in India.

     He has a wide personal connections such that he has enabled Neil Pundit to meet with CM,

     ministers and key IAS officers every year since 2013 to uplift BITS. Sometimes such

     meetings could only be held at their personal residences at night.

     Alakh Singh (1976 CE) for being an Entrepreneur and owner of a successful civil and

       structural company, a founding member of Los Angeles Chapter, and for his services

       to the Association.

    Prof Dr Ajit Singh, 1977 EC, in Waterloo, Canada. Ajit, well known to Raj Dubey, is a new

      pleasant find. He is more of an entrepreneur in IT. His companies are in Canada, US, and

      India. We look forward to his IT initiatives in extending the reach of BITS students.

    Prafull Kumar, 1977 CHE, in Houston, USAA world class program and project management

       experience on multitude of projects. We look forward to his leadership in the Houston

       Chapter and beyond.

Graduates of 1980s -FOUR

    Shyam Chaudhary (1981 EE). For being entrepreneur in diversified fields such as IT start-ups,

      restaurant and automotive, and cofounding the West Coast Alumni chapter and services to

      the Association.

    Shashank S Garuryar, 1984 EC, in Faridabad, India. Attends many many Chapter meetings.

      Advisor to BITSA Internathional.

    Shailendra K Suman, 1985 MET, in Charlotte, NC, USA. Extraordinary Inventor, many patents,

       entrepreneur. Started a local Charlotte MEET of alumni. Actively participated in the International

       MEET in Dubai, promised and delivered his magic bulbs (surviving 4 hours of power outage) to

       BITS, some 950+ bulbs. A philanthropist.

     Ghazanfar Khan, 1986 CE, in greater Toronto, Canada. Wife: Bazmi. Ghaz is credited with

      rejuvenating the alumni in Canada such thaft the Toronto area is quite active now. He serves

      on the International Board.

Graduates of 1990s - SIX

    Naresh K Sahu, 1990 MIN, in greater Washington DC area, USA. Wife: Vineeta. A superb

       webmaster - his current profession. He has launched many high feats like live election

       polling in North America. He is a great supporter and donor to BITS causes.

    Divyanshu Raj, 1991 MET, in Basking Ridge, NJ, USA. Husband: Arun. Divy has

      been an early volunteer in rejuvenating BITS, and served as the organizer of many

      MEETs, taking on various roles. Currently serving as VP of NA Chapter.     

    Arunima Thakur, 1991 EC, for her pioneering work in manufacturing including

     standards, architecture, quality controls, and integration of lean techniques to

     digital manufacturing, and her service to the alumni organization.

    Anand K Mishra, 1993 ME in Torrance, CA, USA. Wife: Manisha Vatsa. Anand has guided

      much of the web facilities, and provided much help  to Anil Singh to add facilities to the

     Alumni. He has been an innovative problem-solver as we wanted to publicize news and


    Prof Dr Sandeep Kumar, 1994 CHE, in Virginia Beach, USA. Wife: Sweta Kumari. Sandeep has

      earned Full Tenured Professorship at the Old Dominian University in a record time. He has

      been visiting India on teaching assignments every year. He visited Delhi NCR and BITS where

      he made remarkable observations. He serves on the International Board but he is trying to

      find a volunteer to assume his duties. 

    Shabab Shams, 1994 EC, for community services for seniors and adults in Sacramento county

     (California), and cofounding West Coast Alumni chapter, and services to the Association. 


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Monday, February 10, 2020