BITSA International is an umbrella organization of all stakeholder entities united for the single purpose of uplifting BIT Sindri. The stakeholder entities are: current students; current faculty; past students and past faculty. Past students and faculty generally have Alumni organizations spread all over the globe. BITSA International provides the glue to bind all organizations (or entities) for a single united purpose of uplifting BIT Sindri in all aspects. [See the Bylaws]
BITSA International is a nonprofit organization in the US with an approved tax-exempt public charity status [IRS code 501 (c)(3)].
The idea of such an organization arose from a rhetorical question in Seattle Alumni Meet on January 10, 2015. The next day at the LA Alumni Meet the idea was enthusiastically and overwhelmingly supported. The Board of Directors of our North America Alumni Association encouraged the idea, and Director Dey and students endorsed the idea. The rest is history.

Some Questions and Answers:

Q1: Is BITSAA of NA or any other chapter going to lose its identity and existence?
Answer: Not at all. It is like USA or Canada choosing to join the United Nations, an umbrella organization. Each country keeps its identity but unites in the common purpose of world peace. Similarly each Alumni Association entity (chapter or subchapter) chooses to unite for the common purpose of uplifting BIT Sindri.

Q2: Isn’t the state government of Jharkhand the sole owner of BIT Sindri? Why haven’t the State Governments of Bihar then Jharkhand taken care of this pioneering institution, precursor to and envy of the IITs?
Answer: Benign Neglect. The politics descended and engulfed the leaders and degraded the sense of public pride. The leaders were too occupied in divisive maneuvers for narrow selfish causes. In Jharkhand the instability of the government required Federal interventions and President’s Emergency Rules many many times.
And, in spite of deteriorating infrastructure, the Jharkhand Govt doubled the enrollment overnight – unwittingly making the matters worse!

BUT as  of November of 2015 Neil Pundit led a delegation*, met with: the Chief Minister Raghubar Das; senior officers, Minister of Higher and Technical Education Dr Neera Yadav, and all of our wishes for uplifting BIT Sindri including Autonomy were promised. There is a Master Plan of Rs 150+crores for campus wide renovation, new buildings, medical facilities, guest house, and wi fi. Construction work has started. As of June 2016 there is a new 3-story hostel. Campuswide wi fi is to be completed by December 2016. There is a plan to bring back the glory, and progress on the model of IIT Kharagpur. 

Position of Director has been advertized. Faculty positions are to be advertized soon. Our draft for Autonomy under the tentattive name BIT Sindri University is under consideration by the cabinet.
* Led by Dr Neil Pundit, President of BITS Association International and President of the North America Chapter, Delegation consisted of: Rajendra Choudhary, President of Ranchi Chapter; Prof Dr Raj Dubey (Canada); Prof Dr B N Mishra, Chair of the Board of NSIT (Netaji Subhas Institute of Technology, an Autonomous entity under the Delhi Govt and affiliated with Delhi University); Shashank Garuryar, President of Sindri Chapter.

Q3: Is there any example of alumni and students making a significant difference?
Answer: The students of Indian School of Mines demonstrated in Delhi and threatened to go on hunger strike until their school became an IIT! And, ISM is now IIT!

Q4: What is happening to BITSAANA offer of campus-wide Toilet Renovation?
Answer: It is now subsumed by the Master Plan. But the Alumni House will be renovated.

Q5: What is BITSAANA doing?
Answer: At the ANNUAL MEETING on August 15, the entire membership voted on the following RESOLUTION:
The general membership of BITSAANA endorses the cause of uplifting BIT Sindri and asks its Board of Directors to enable joining BITSA International through representatives from its major entities.

Q6: What is the immediate plan of BITSA International?
a. Faculty: The Director, Dr Dey, has agreed to represent the faculty himself or through the Registrar Dr Girijesh Kumar.
b. Student body representative would be blessed by the Director.
c. Chapters in India: We are approaching the chapters in India. The Delhi NCR Chapter has joined. Bangalore chapter has expressed interest to join. Sindri Chapter has joined, represented by Shashank Garuryar, President of Sindri Chapter.  He attends major meetings of most chapters in India. 
d. Global Alumni Meet at Sindri in November 2015: We met with representatives of major chapters in India. Prof Raj Dubey from Canada was there. Our NA Chapter Secretary (and Webmaster) Naresh Sahu, attending the Silver Jubilee, joined our meetings.
e. There is a plan to have a representative from all chapters worldwide.
f. We have just started our website ( We are reaching out to all alumni and well wishers.

On Aug 4, 2015, the Secretary of the newly merged Dept of Higher & Technicational Education, Mr Ajay Kumar Singh, visited the BIT Campus, interacted with staff and students, and made important and ambitious statements       ( to restore BIT Sindri to its past glory in 3 years, and there would be no dearth of funds. 

The underlying basis for CM’s attention and such promises is the push by the alumni worldwide, and more so by us. You may recall my meeting the last CM Soren in Nov 2013, and subsequent cabinet decision to uplift BIT Sindri. We should be very pleased with these promises as they reflect almost verbatim our priorities.
(Mr Singh’s words should carry some technical credence as his wife is completing her PhD at the ISM (now IIT) Dhanbad.)

We must keep our efforts strong with the united voice of all stakeholders. It is all the more important that we all stakeholders unite with the strongest bond under the auspices of the BIT Sindri Association INTERNATIONAL, and keep our pressure on.

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Neil D Pundit (1961 TC), President, in Weston, Florida, US
Chandrika Prasad (1963 ME), VP, in New Delhi area, India
Raj N Dubey (1961 CE), Secretary, in Waterloo, Canada
Updated July 18, 2016


Update to Why Join

Q. Why should the overseas alumni unite, form an organization (called Chapter), and join the worldwide alumni movement for uplifting BIT Sindri?


Answer. Beyond the appeal of motherhood and nostalgia, one or more of the following:


Distant Voice Matters More: Although the vast majority of alumni are in India, their concerns have been ignored. It is the North American Chapter that took the bull by the horns, and demanded uplifting. Much headway has been made: Master plan of Rs 150+ crores for campus wide renovation of the buildings, new construction, faculty appointments, advertising for Director, .. are all happening. Siemens proposal to update the Labs at the cost of Rs 400 crores has been approved in which the Jharkhand Govt pays 20%. However, the enabling IAS officers can be transferred, and the prevailing environment may change. It is the overseas alumni whose united voice matters the most. 

Finding Alumni Leaders Abroad: The State Govt leaders often travel to foreign countries and want to meet the local alumni. Recently we have provided such lists for US, Canada, Japan, Singapore, and Korea. Where there is a large number we are asked for those who are Distinguished. We need your help.

Networking: Alumni network can be a rich resource in seeking jobs, relocation, and travel. Young alumni traveling abroad for higher education, attending a conference in a foreign country, settling in a new location, and similar causes are helped a great deal by a local resource.

Awards & Recognition: Many established Chapters have a process and criteria for Distinguished Awards. Recently a new category of Promising Star is being added. The Association International is working toward such awards and recognition available to all alumni worldwide on a uniform basis.

Good Deeds: One of our rich alumni has an outstanding offer for Public Toilets in which his Foundation pays 50% of the construction cost and 2 years of maintenance. Over 50 toilets have been built in rural areas, and the next phase of additional 60 toilets is underway.

Alumni Children Scholarship: A proposal is under consideration in North America whereby children of alumni can compete for higher education fund.

Novel Uses: A web-savvy alum has a Google Map enabled utility telling you the location and navigation to alumni en route. We or our children may surprise us by unimagined innovations.



- Neil Pundit,, July 20, 2016